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Everything you need on your first day of doing Muay Thai (and everything you will ever need).

Entering a new sport can be quite daunting. What position to play, how to train, who to follow, etc. The same can be said about learning Muay Thai. There are various different styles, different ways to learn, and how best to train yourself. But what remains consistent about Muay Thai is the types of gear needed.

With that being said, we have compiled all the things you will ever need to practice Muay Thai at a gym.

The Basics:

Hand wraps:

These are probably the most underrated item you will need (best stats for $$). They aren’t glamorous and you’ll be more fixated on gloves rather than hand wraps. These will not only protect your knuckles, but they will help reduce the risk of spraining your wrists as well. Always purchase long hand wraps (3 - 5 metres) as they will give you added protection in all the ways you can think of!


When you show up at any gym without gloves, chances are, you're actually probably alright. The gym will almost certainly have gloves that you can borrow and use for the session. Unless it's a brand spanking new gym, chances are the gloves are going to be d a n k. Because so many people use the gym's gloves, you are always better off getting your own pair so you don't catch any cooties.

Proper attire:

Always wear suitable clothes for Muay Thai. In fact, always wear suitable clothes when you're doing any sports. I have seen people train in jeans and dresses (you'd be surprised, it's actually not a small minority), and obviously, that is a recipe for disaster. If it's your first time at a Muay Thai gym, always wear clothing that you would for running. Comfortable shirt you can sweat in, and shorts which you can kick and stretch in.

Water bottle:

Your workout is not going to be easy. it's going to be hard and exhausting, and it means you have to keep hydrated. In Thailand, many foreigners love to forget their water bottle and heat stroke is not uncommon. Every time you sweat, your body loses a lot of water and without rehydration, things can get dangerous. Staying hydrated is also great for your skincare routine!


Always wipe up your sweat if you're at the gym. Not just the sweat on your body, but also the sweat on all the gear you borrow and your own equipment. Drying everything helps keep your gym much cleaner and there would be a lower chance of your gym becoming infamous for toe jams. Same for your gear.

Good attitude:

If you could only bring one thing to your gym, it's this. Also the gear though. If you come to any new gym. you must want to learn and listen to the instructors. Also have a think about what you want to get out of doing Muay Thai - are you participating because you want to fight? Or do you want to learn a new skill? Or maybe just want a fun way to lose weight? No matter what your goal is, the key is to have a goal. Either way, visualising what you want before training helps you focus every session and maximise your time.

Extra goodies for those with flair:

Ankle guards:

Ankle guards help to protect your ankle from twisting. For those with weak ankles, these are highly recommended. For those with ankles in general, these are highly recommended. They are relatively cheap and one pair can usually last you for a few years. Because of all the kicking you would be doing (sometimes 100 times each leg for my warm-ups), there's always a chance of landing wrongly. So, we might as well try decrease the risk, right?

Muay Thai shorts:

This is what differentiates Muay Thai fighters from all other martial arts and sports. Our loud, brash and beautiful shorts. You want a dark, unassuming pair? Sure. You want a neon pink pair with ribbons on them? No worries. You want anime characters on the shorts? You got them.

There is a design for everyone and that's not all. They are made with breathable material and wide leg openings to ensure your kicks won't be hindered by tightness.

Your phone camera:

Wanna know the best way to improve your Muay Thai? I'll tell you a secret - record yourself. Watch yourself hitting pads. Watch yourself sparring. Watch yourself training. You'll notice things about your form or technique that you didn't know. Whether you look smooth or if you dr0p your hands, everyone can benefit from videoing yourself. Remember to watch it too!

For those who want to fight:

Shin guards:

Unless you want to hurt everybody in your gym or piss people off, you always wear shin guards when sparring. Having your own pair also means that it'll be much cleaner and will fit you exactly. Don't cheap out on these, because it can make the difference between a bad injury and getting out fine.

Mouth guards:

They are a must for all gyms if you would want to spar. it helps to prevent your teeth getting punched/kicked out of your head, your face taking too much of an impact, and reduces your risk for getting knocked out. Spar without it at your own risk. (Jokes. Never spar without one).

16oz Gloves:

People tend to heavily recommend 16oz gloves for sparring for two reasons. it is better protection for your hands in case anything slips, and you do not want to hurt your gym mates (even the mean ones). When you spar, you are doing so to learn and improve your timing, technique, and experience. You are not sparring to prove a point or that you're strong. That's what fighting is for. But not for sparring. Keep that big dick energy away.

Groin guard:

For certified addicts:

Namman Muay:

An ointment used by many fighters for warming their body up. It's that beautiful bottle of yellow stuff the seasoned pros go for at the gym. It's that sweet and spicy smell in the air at fights. Fighters and trainers swear by it. Only thing is, it's really hard to find outside of Thailand and even if you do find it, chances are the price of it will be heavily marked up. so good luck and happy hunting!

M 150:

The original energy drink. Smells like red bull, half as big but twice as sweet

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